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Hebron Abudhabi Online Prayer Book

Sequence No Biblical References Prayer Request
Prayer Request Book For The Month of Oct-17 (Click Here To Download)
1 Philippians: 1: 9-11 Every believer may grow in love, greater knowledge of Christ, Sincere and without offence till the day of Christ being filled with fruit of Righteousness.
2 Colossians: 1: 9 – 12 Every Believer should learn to walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work and filled with knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
3 Psalm: 5:1 The Holy Spirit may pour on every believer so they can repent for their failure and set right things with God and men.
4 John: 2:17 The Lord may give every believer the thirst and hunger for holiness and fellowship.
5 Colossians: 1: 18 The Church may grow that in all things he might have the preeminence.
6 Acts: 2: 42 The Church may be protected by the word of God according to the apostle’s doctrine and be deviated by wrong doctrines.
7 John 17th Chapter All believers may grow spiritually in unity, peace and understanding.
8 Peter 5:6 and John 4: 24 Every believer may humble themselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, to become prayer warriors, having burden for / gospel and to worship God in truth and spirit and to obey the Lord in all things.
9 Jeremiah: 10:2 The Lord may fulfil his promise for the believers learnt not the way of heathen and to not to dismay.
10 Acts 2:45 Every believer may learn to give and increase in generosity and part take in sufferings and needs of co believers, poor widows, orphans.
11 Acts: 2:37 Every day souls may be added to the Church.
12 Rom 12:12 Psalm 40:17 Believers may be faithful and show patience in sufferings and they may become strong, humble in trails.
13 II Thess 3: 3 and Rom: 15: 30-32 Every believer may be delivered from evil one & evil plans & subtle attacks of the enemy & they also may be delivered from disobedient people.
14 Joel 2:29 Great revival may break out.
15 Rev 22:17, 19:27 Every believer may be prepared as bride and say "LORD JESUS, COME"
16 Mark 11: 22:24 Every believer may have living faith and pray in Holy Spirit so that great things may happen.
17 Psalms 118:8 Believers may depend on Lord for everything.
18 1 Peter 1:14-16 Believers may live Holy lives.